Rhube’s Christmas Music for the Apocalypse, No. 11: Jingle Hell

[Edit: Sadly the only video with the whole song in it got taken down. The official vieo only has bits of the song, but you can view it here.]

Last, but by no means least, ‘Jingle Hell’, by Sir Christopher Lee. Knight of the British Empire; Count Dracula; Count Dooku; Saruman; heavy metal god; and, with this song, oldest singer ever to enter the charts, if I don’t have room to honour Christopher Lee’s contrbution to dark Christmas music, I might as well pack up and go home.

You might wish to quibble at the inclusion. Is going to Hell at Christmas strictly apocalyptic? My answer: yes. Yes it bloody well is. Hell on Earth fits the description to me, and if it doesn’t for you, then, well… Christopher Lee.

You can buy ‘Jingle Hell’ from Amazon as a part of the ‘A Heavcy Metal Christmas Too’ EP (yes, this is his second Christmas EP), as well as from iTunes.