Announcing the Serene Slumber Party

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I’m currently trying to produce a complete draft of my thesis for the PhD I’ve been working on since… I dunno anymore – the dawn of time. This is a terrifying enterprise from which I can be very easily persuaded to run away, and reviewing science fiction and fantasy things over here is one of the more time consuming ways I have of procrastinating. I have therefore invited some exciting guests over to Womblevonia to hang out and blog in my place for the next few weeks so that I’m not tempted, and you guys still have exciting geek and speculative fiction related things to read.

This post will slowly become an exciting index for the posts of my Slumber Party guests. Stay tuned for the first guest post, by Jessica Meats, which will be up and at them later today.

Serene Slumber Party guest number 1: Jessica Meats, Strong Characters

Read Along with Rhube: Index

You know what I’ve realised whilst doing this ol’ Read Along with Rhube thing? George R R Martin doesn’t do chapter numbers. Upon reflection, it seems likely that I was vaguely aware of this before, but I hadn’t attended to it, and you know what? It’s confusing! Which chapter am I on now? Have I read enough to review yet? Which Tyrion chapter is this?

Anyway, I figure that if it’s confusing for me, it’s probably confusing for other people as well, and it might well be useful to provide some kind of index thing to help people find their way around my reviews. So! I’ll be updating this page with links to each of my posts as they go out, giving a RAWR number, the chapter numbers, and the POV character. That way you just have to bookmark this page and refer back to it when you want to find a specific review, or see if I’ve updated.


RAWR 1; Cover, Prologue, and Chatper 1; Varamyr and Tyrion

RAWR 2, Chapters 2 & 3, Daenerys & Jon

RAWR 3, Chapters 4 & 5, Bran & Tyrion

RAWR 4, Chapters 6 & 7, The Merchant’s Man (Quentyn) and Jon

RAWR 5, Chpaters 8 & 9, Tyrion and Davos

RAWR 6, Chapters 10, 11, & 12; Jon, Daenerys, and Reek

RAWR 7, Chapters 13 & 14, Bran and Tyrion

RAWR 8, Chapters 15 & 16, Davos and Daenerys

RAWR 9, Chapters 17 & 18, Jon and Tyrion

RAWR 10, Chapters 19 & 20, Davos and Reek

RAWR 11, Chapters 21 & 22, Jon and Tyrion

RAWR 12, Chapters 23 & 24, Daenerys and The Lost Lord (Griff)

RAWR 13, Chapters 25 & 26, The Windblown (Quentyn) and The Wayward Bride (Asha)

RAWR 14, Chapters 27 & 28, Tyrion and Jon

RAWR 15, Chapters 29 & 30, Davos and Daenerys

RAWR 16, Chapters 31 & 32, Melisandre and Reek (Theon)

RAWR 17, Chapters 33 & 34, Tyrion and Bran

RAWR 18, Chapters 35 & 36, Jon and Daenerys

RAWR 19, Chapters 37 & 38, The Prince of Winterfell (Theon) and The Watcher (Areo)

RAWR 20, Chapters 39 & 40, Jon and Tyrion

RAWR 21, Chapters 41 & 42, The Turncloak (Theon) and The King’s Prize (Asha)

RAWR 22, Chapters 43 & 44, Daenerys and Jon

RAWR 23, Chapters 45 & 46, The Blind Girl (Arya) and A Ghost in Winterfell (Theon)

RAWR 25, Chapters 47 & 48, Tyrion and Jaime

RAWR 25, Chapters 49 & 50: Jon and Daenerys

RAWR 26, Chapters 51 & 52: Theon and Daenerys

RAWR 27: Chapters 53 & 54: Jon and Cersei