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Reviewing Through the Time Machine: The Glass Slipper

Title: The Glass Slipper Cinematic release: 1955 Starring: Leslie Caron and Michael Wilding Written by: Helen Deutsch Directed by: Charles Walters Genre: Fairytale/Fantasy/Romance Price: Only available on VHS. Available on eBay at time of posting at £15.75 + £11.49 P&P … Continue reading

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Stats: Gender in reviews

Warpcore SF has posted some really interesting stats regarding the balance of gender in the protagonists of the books she reviews. They suggest a persistent dominance of male protagonists in her reading, despite her own awareness of the problem. This … Continue reading

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What I said, but better…

I don’t often post just to point you somewhere else, but sometimes it’s worth it. Sophia McDougall is one hell of a writer on gender issues in modern SF&F. This was first brought to my attention by her post in … Continue reading

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My First SFX Weekender

There were many things I loved about the weekend I spent in Prestatyn, flying the Angry Robot table at the SFX Weekender. There were also a couple of things that were mindlessly irritating, and one thing that was fairly disgusting. … Continue reading

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Read Along with Rhube 24: A Dance with Dragons, Chapters 47 & 48

(Index to previous A Dance with Dragons posts here.) Making up for lost time! Lordio, I sort of wish I’d started out giving page numbers for these chapters – it’s surprisingly difficult to find where I was last at. Ne’ermind, … Continue reading

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Reviewing Through the Time Machine: The Wolf Within, by Pamela Belle

It’s all been very current around here lately, and although I’m desperately trying to reign in my impulse to post (because twice a week is really enough) I’m also conscious of things I said I wanted to review at the … Continue reading

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Torchwood: Miracle Day, Episode 9

Wow, that was really something. Plot: Time has passed. The UK has gone into what the news are calling the Great Depression. Despite continued protest, the camps have been reopened. Gwen has ceased open defiance in favour of clandestine raids … Continue reading

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Torchwood: Miracle Day, Episode 8

(Index to all Torchwood posts here.) Talk about pay off! Plot Torchwood are taken by Kira Nerys Angelo’s granddaughter, Olivia Colasanto, to his swanky mansion. Angelo’s managed to extend his life by eating right and ‘keeping his temperature down’ or … Continue reading

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Torchwood: Miracle Day, Episode 7

(Index to all Torchwood posts here.) So, let’s talk Torchwood. Plot: (standard spoiler warning) Last episode ended on an adrenaline high as Gwen learned that her husband, mother, and baby are being held hostage in exchange for Jack. This episode … Continue reading

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My New Favourite Things

I’ve not been a big fan of Tumblr, in general. I’m not sure why someone would do a Tumblr when they could do a blog. However, a few people have started using their Tumblrs to do truly awesome things that … Continue reading

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