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Review: TableTop, ‘Last Night on Earth’

How cool is this? I get to embed the whole thing I’m reviewing! This is the Future, people; the Future where Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day quietly found an empire of web-based televisual entertainment and gradually go from indie success … Continue reading

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Review: The Guild, Season 5

If you’ve somehow missed the phenomenon of The Guild, the brilliant thing is that there is no bad time to get into it. All five seasons and their extras are available online at http://www.watchtheguild.com. The Guild is the epitome of … Continue reading

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Dragon Age: Redemption – Tallis (Episode 1)

What’s that you say? A new webseries staring and written by Felicia Day? The whole Internet isn’t there yet? Well, it should be! Sort of. There’s no question that Felicia Day is the best thing in this, but the series … Continue reading

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