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Writing News: The Giant

After really helpful and insightful comments from the awesome Steve Cooper, N K Kingston, Paul Stephenson, and Derek Muir, who carefully read through all 25,000 words, I have now performed the final, pre-submission edits on my novella, The Giant. Credit … Continue reading

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The Giant, redrafted

After reading through the whole thing again I have tightened the earlier chapters and was able to identify the point at which the Suck started. Surprisingly, it was only a couple of pages from the end, which was good. I … Continue reading

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Editing, editing, editing…

I stalled a bit on The Giant when I realised my ending sucked. Or rather: it was the sort of ending you write when you Just Want To Get It Finished Already. Which is pretty much how I was feeling … Continue reading

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We Are the Champions, My Friends…

So, I was totally planning on hacking away at the cliff-face of The Giant this evening anyway, but spurred on by my fiction publication, I decided to sit down, shut up, and get the bloody thing done. And it is. … Continue reading

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Year End Review, Part 3: the Writing

Is it indulgent to have three posts about the end of the year? Maybe, I don’t know. It was a long year, and I wanted to try and deal with it without my usual barely intelligible splurge where topics are … Continue reading

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Story Arcs and Story Wells

Act one: Get your hero up a tree. Act two: Throw rocks at him. Act three: Get him down again. – Attributed to George Abbott Here’s the thing about me: I really like the rock-throwing part, I’m OK at getting … Continue reading

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Writing, writing, writing

So, a writing post. I did some last night. Whoop. Whoop. Actually, it was exciting. I got inspired by Dark Fiction Magazine’s Twelve Days of Christmas ghostly anthology theme. Didn’t expect it, but even though they said it didn’t have … Continue reading

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Write or Die

A bit late to the party, as ever, but I finally decided to try out this new nifty gadget. In all honesty, I hadn’t tried it before because I hadn’t realised what it was. ‘I wrote 2,000 words yesterday on … Continue reading

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Writing progress

Another 900 words on ‘The Giant’, making for nearly 19,000 words total. We are inching towards the close. When this is done, it’ll be my longest complete story to date (although Cyborgs and Androids is still the thing I’ve scored … Continue reading

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