Sketch: Moment


So, these are a few of my sketches. I probably sketch more than anything else. They’re quicker, but also don’t tend to end in finished products. This one is based on a photo. The people in the photo were not in any way involved, but in that moment there was such an illusion of chemistry I had to photograph it, and then draw it. There’s a story, here, in the tension between them – as though they desperately want to touch, but dare not.

The hair is not very good, here – especially on her, but I really enjoyed getting the drape of the cloth in their clothing.

Sketch: A Moment in Time

A Moment in Time

Right: So, again, here, I’ve tried to capture a moment in time – you can see I’ve been very inventive with the titles (I have never claimed to be good at titles). This one’s actually based on a still from an episode of Lois and Clark The New Adventures of Superman. It was a noir-esque episode, and the lighting was just beautiful. Not to mention that John Shea and Teri Hatcher are both stunning human beings. But in this one moment there was such an unfathomable look in John Shea’s eyes, and he looked so dishevelled, and there is this utterly captivating creature – this temptress – lying in his lap, and he’s not even looking at her. What’s going on in those eyes?

Sadly, I don’t really think I captured the look, which was the main point of doing the drawing, but I still like the picture.

Caption: Fallen Eidolon 1

Fallen Eidolon 1

Left: This is one of three I was actually commissioned to produce. Some friends in a LARP group wanted to produce a propaganda pamphlet against another group. I don’t think this is really what they were after. They liked it, and they paid for it, but I suspect they really wanted more of a caricature, and I probably should have just turned round and said I couldn’t do it – I was just too taken with getting paid to produce art. I still like the picture, though. It’s a bit pale, but this fellow was a lot of fun to draw. (And look, I did something with an actual honest to god background.)