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The Second Annual Serene Wombles

Two years! Woo-woo! Thanks for keeping with me. It’s been another hell of a year, and although Life Events have meant that I wasn’t able to review quite as much as I would have liked, you’ve stuck with me, and … Continue reading

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Undead Blogging: Misfits, Series 3, Episode 2

I said I’d never do it again, and yet here I am, watching an episode and bursting with things to say that it’ll spoil the ep if I don’t get them out. For those who missed it last time, undead … Continue reading

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Misfits, Series 3, Episode 1

Misfits is back – wooooooooo! Y’all may remember from last year that I’m a little bit nuts about this TV show, so I’m pleased to see it back, but I also had some trepidation. You see, I was a big, … Continue reading

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Misfits, Christmas Episode

Premise: Community service ends and three months passes. In the meantime, some dude has discovered he has the power to take powers from people and pass them on to others, which he is doing for money. Another dude is a … Continue reading

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Misfits, Series 2, Episode 6

Those people at Channel 4 are cheeky devils for getting two episodes out in the same week, so I’m playing catch-up. It’s also a bit weird in that it’s like they had two end of series finales. It wasn’t a … Continue reading

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Year End Review, Part 1: Music, Smallville, and Misfits

It’s been quite a year. This blog wasn’t even close to existing a year ago, and that’s just the least of it. Some of the biggest events of my life aren’t going to get a mention here, because I do … Continue reading

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Misfits, Series 2, Episode 5 – Undead Blogging

I’m catching up with this week’s Misfits. Misfits airs on a night that clashes with my Battlestar Galactica tabletop RPG aka – my most regular social contact with the outside world. As Misfits gets up on 4oD ready for the … Continue reading

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Misshapes, Mistakes, Misfits…

Misfits, Series 2, Episode 4 (WARNING: there will be SPOILERS) The main plot: a crazed killer takes himself to be in a violent computer game and acts out the crimes to score points. This is stylishly done, and Matt Cross … Continue reading

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Misfits, Series 2, Episode 3

Unsurprisingly, I’m enjoying series 2 as much (or at least, almost as much) as series 1. I haven’t got loads to say about it beyond, that. I watched the first season in a big lump after it had finished airing, … Continue reading

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So, I haven’t blogged for a bit because last weekend I started a mahoosive post on cover art, and realised I had issues with one of my previously favourite pieces that I wasn’t sure how to resolve. I am, however, … Continue reading

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