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Sometimes I want to be like ‘GUYS – make a logo-link-awesome-thing for people to use on their blogs when they promote and/or review you without worrying that you might feel they’re stealing your art’, but then I realised I don’t … Continue reading

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Old Poetry

Some of you will have read my hilariously bad teenage fiction, The Legend of Catherine of Gawthwate – I’ll be the first to hold up my hand and say I’ve written some real tripe in the past. Especially the poetry. … Continue reading

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Meditations on death

Spoiler Warning: some spoilers for The Dark Tower vols 1&2, Buffy, Season 6, and Fool’s Fate. I have tried to be restrained, but some things were unavoidable. ‘Good, all right, I’ll drown, he thought, listening to the roar of the … Continue reading

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Poetry in Fantasy

So, this is a divisive thing. I’ve heard a lot of complaints about random poetical interludes in fantasy writings. The use in fantasy is no surprise, really. Much early fiction we know about was poetical. That’s how you got your … Continue reading

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