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The Serene Wombles

Today marks one year since my very first post on this here writing and review site. And what a year it has been! Me with the reviewing, you with the sometimes reading my reviews. Not to mention the occasional paid … Continue reading

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Year End Review, Part 2: More Music, Awesome Opening Sequences, and Podcasts

So where was I? Oh yes: lots of music. After my initial splurge, I sort of had the But-They’re-Only-69p Bug, and I recalled some other tracks I had fallen in love with more recently. In particular, the phenomenal ‘Bad Things’, … Continue reading

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Marco and the Red Granny, Part 5

There’s something exciting about trying to download a podcast and finding that it’s been so popular that the site it’s hosted on has crashed. A bit frustrating, but exciting, too. That’s part of the reason this review is so late. … Continue reading

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Like Podcasts? Like Philosophy? Like History?

Then I think I know something you might enjoy! The History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps. Following my recent posts endorsing some SpecFic podcasts I’ve gotten into recently, someone asked whether there are any philosophy podcasts I listen to and … Continue reading

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