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Sorry there’s no update today, the Womble is sleepy

My mind decided to be awake to unfortunate hours last night, and now I am an Zombie. I’m actually really getting into A Dance with Dragons at last, and have read way more chapters than my usual two, but I’m … Continue reading

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Prize Winning Onions

If you follow my Twitter feed, you may be aware that on Monday I was voted QUEEN OF ONIONS* at our local fruit/veg/cooking/random craft show. A few people have asked to see the onions. My good friends who were with … Continue reading

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POTATOES! And what might be the biggest carrot ever

So, I occasionally mention on here, and mention all the time on Twitter, that I have an allotment. I sometimes take pictures of said allotment, but frequently fail to transfer the photos onto a computer. But my new laptop has … Continue reading

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Easter Con – that was rather good, wasn’t it?

The first convention I went to was Lazlar Lyricon II in 1998; I was 14. In many ways, it’s still the best convention I’ve ever been to, even though I was only allowed to go if my Dad came with … Continue reading

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10 O’Clock Live – A Departure

This is not SF or F. It’s just the best piece of television I’ve seen in I don’t know how long. I feel refreshed and blown away. I feel relieved. I feel exicted. Ocasionally, I feel offended, but, frankly, much … Continue reading

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So, these are a few of my sketches. I probably sketch more than anything else. They’re quicker, but also don’t tend to end in finished products. This one is based on a photo. The people in the photo were not … Continue reading

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More Art

(Apologies for the poor quality of the photos.) This is a painting I finished two or three years ago. It’s an abstract that was meant to be one of three, but umm… I’m working on the second one, OK? I … Continue reading

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Like Podcasts? Like Philosophy? Like History?

Then I think I know something you might enjoy! The History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps. Following my recent posts endorsing some SpecFic podcasts I’ve gotten into recently, someone asked whether there are any philosophy podcasts I listen to and … Continue reading

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Carrot and Potato Soup Without a Blender

Not about writing or reviewing, I know, but hey, I was tweeting about it, and I’d like to make this available to anyone who was trying to do this (as I was at the weekend) and unable to find any … Continue reading

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