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Review: Wake Up Dreaming, by Stephanie Mabey

Whoooo-boy. It’s amazing how ranty people get when you like things they don’t. Or when you critique things they like. Comes with the territory, I suppose, but I’m sort of beyond busy at the moment and haven’t had a lot … Continue reading

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Relevant to my Interests: Man with Wings

As some of you will know, I’m currently writing a superhero novel. Some of those people know that its lead character is a man with wings. Others of you will have seen the background of my twitter account, which includes … Continue reading

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We Are the Champions, My Friends…

So, I was totally planning on hacking away at the cliff-face of The Giant this evening anyway, but spurred on by my fiction publication, I decided to sit down, shut up, and get the bloody thing done. And it is. … Continue reading

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Rest In Peace, Gerry Rafferty

This upset me more than I would have expected. It upset me really quite a lot. I have no connection to this man at all, except for a few songs – not even very many. But one of them is … Continue reading

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