I’m a writer of science fiction and fantasy short stories, as well as many, many unfinished novels. I review things of a generally speculative nature (and occasionally other stuff if I love it really hard). This is my blog for writing and reviewing.

Things I generally like include: Terminator 2, Pushing Daisies, Robin Hobb, The Dark Tower, T S Eliot, Dexter, David McCallum, I, Zombie, Doctor Who, ninjas, and either version of Battlestar Galactica.

This is an exciting list of things I have written, some of which you can go and read if you’d like to know what my fiction is like:

‘The Twelfth Day’, in Hub, Issue 135
‘The Harvest of the Machines’ – in Hub, Issue 72
‘Bereavement’ – in Hub, Issue 40
‘The Window Within My Window’ – in Behind the Wainscot, Issue 6: Windows
‘Lorry’s Death’ – Broadcast on Radio Ryedale, 2004 and available on the web until recently. 2nd Runner Up, Radio Ryedale Short Story Competion

‘Tron: Legacy’ – in Hub, Issue 143
‘Coming to Terms with the End of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower Part II – Epic: Homer, Virgil, and Tolkien’ – in Hub, Issue 141
‘Coming to Terms with the End of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower Part I – King and the Modernists’ – in Hub, Issue 137
‘Nekropolis’ – in Hub, Issue 136
‘On Being Scully, and SyFy’s new series, Haven‘ – in Hub, Issue 126
The Incredible Hulk Season Three DVD Box Set’ – in Hub, Issue 89
The Incredible Hulk Season Two DVD Box Set’ – in Hub, Issue 80
The Incredible Hulk Season One DVD Box Set’ – in Hub, Issue 73

Some nice reviews I’ve had:
The Fix reviews ‘Harvest of the Machines’
The Fix reviews ‘Bereavement’

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