Announcing the Serene Slumber Party

A black kitten sleeping

I’m currently trying to produce a complete draft of my thesis for the PhD I’ve been working on since… I dunno anymore – the dawn of time. This is a terrifying enterprise from which I can be very easily persuaded to run away, and reviewing science fiction and fantasy things over here is one of the more time consuming ways I have of procrastinating. I have therefore invited some exciting guests over to Womblevonia to hang out and blog in my place for the next few weeks so that I’m not tempted, and you guys still have exciting geek and speculative fiction related things to read.

This post will slowly become an exciting index for the posts of my Slumber Party guests. Stay tuned for the first guest post, by Jessica Meats, which will be up and at them later today.

Serene Slumber Party guest number 1: Jessica Meats, Strong Characters

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