ISotHM has a Tumblr!

In non-writing or reviews news, In Search of the Happiness Max now has a Tumblr! Not quite sure what I’m doing with it yet – most likely posting awesome geeky shit and other important stuff that comes my way that doesn’t fit in here and is too big or too visual for Twitter. We shall see! Please follow me over there, if you think you might like to see some other sides of me beyond the chapter-by-chapter analysis of A Dance with Dragons and wotnot.

About Serenity Womble

I'm a writer of science fiction and fantasy short stories, as well as many, many unfinished novels. I review things of a generally speculative nature. This is my blog for writing and reviewing.
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4 Responses to ISotHM has a Tumblr!

  1. Harry Markov says:

    I so added your Tumblr on my feed. Honestly, I have to say I did the Book Meme with page 60 and 9th sentence. It was hilarious. Thank you for that.

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