My New Favourite Things

I’ve not been a big fan of Tumblr, in general. I’m not sure why someone would do a Tumblr when they could do a blog. However, a few people have started using their Tumblrs to do truly awesome things that I nonetheless like. You’ll be familiar with my love for My Mom Watches Game of Thrones, although that’s a bit quiet at the moment, due to it being the off-season. But since starting to follow that, I’ve stumbled upon a few others that have consistently enjoyable and stirring content. This post is dedicated to them.

Women Fighters in Reasonable Armour

This is a new one, but I heartily approve of it, and it pleases me that (based on the number of retweets) other people seem to, too. If you’ve been following this blog for a while, it’ll be no surprise that this appealed to me. Kickass ladies looking like they might actually kick some ass. Not only have they existed in movies:

Alex Kingston as Boudica

Alex Kingston as Boudica, in the film of the same name. How did I not know about this film? It looks AWESOME

Summer Glau in Knights of Badassdom

Summer Glau in a Sexy Knight LARP costume.

They’ve existed in real life, too. Whilst there’s room in this world for Sexy Knights, if all our kickass ladies are kitted out in clearly inappropriate gear it doesn’t do much for the impression that some ladies really could kick your ass. (And yeah, Summer Glau has done her time as a genuine ass-kicker, I grant.)

Anyway, I approve of this Tumblr, and recommend it to you.

It’s a Space Romance

She hides it well, but my good friend, Mina Kelly, (@solelyfictional) has a Tumblr that’s semi for her WiP, Space Romance, which I believe is m/m sci-fi erotica. The Tumblr mostly links to the sort of awesome space stuff that most of us could find, it we bothered to look, but actually don’t. And I don’t just mean photos of the horsehead nebula, I mean photos of astronauts chilling on the international space station whilst they gaze down at a shatteringly beautiful vista of Earth. There are also assorted sci-fi jokes, links, trivia, and all the other things a geek lady or lad could want.

I’ll tumblr for ya

Then there’s this, the insanely awesome Tumblr from the creator of Manly Guys Doing Manly Things. The title of said comic put me off for ages, though I had heard it recommended. But then I saw the awesome drawings she did on the theme of ‘What if male superheroes posed like Wonder Woman on the David Finch Justice League cover?’, and I realised my mistake. I poked the comic, found it was awesome, too, and the comic led me to her Twitter account, and to her Tumblr, I’ll tumblr for you.

This Tumblr combines awesome artwork with humour and nuanced but blunt discussion of feminism and other issues, especially as they relate to the comics industry, which you all know I don’t know near enough about, but I’m interested in the insights she offers. I’ve been introduced to so many interesting, engaging and amusing things since I started reading this.

But most importantly, she’s introduced me to the wonder that is this:

Winner of the Bleeding Cool Pose Like Wonder Woman photo contest

Winner of the Bleeding Cool Pose Like Wonder Woman photo contest

Respect, man, respect.

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I'm a writer of science fiction and fantasy short stories, as well as many, many unfinished novels. I review things of a generally speculative nature. This is my blog for writing and reviewing.
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