The Giant, redrafted

After reading through the whole thing again I have tightened the earlier chapters and was able to identify the point at which the Suck started. Surprisingly, it was only a couple of pages from the end, which was good. I have now replaced the Suck with a much better ending. I think we’re in the home straight, folks. Now it just remains to add a few touches suggested by a friend at my local writers’ group, and it will ready to go out to ‘First Readers’.

I say ‘First Readers’ – most parts of the work (especially the early chapters) have been read and commented on by various people already, but nobody has read it from start to finish in a completed and polished draft. I’d also like to get it under the eyes of at least one person who hasn’t witnessed the tale growing in the telling. Part of me wants to just send it off to the editor who’s interested in it as is and just get the blasted thing on the road to publication, but this is my first completed substantial piece of work, and I want to do things right. Not to mention that no one can do their own proofreading – you always know too well what you meant to say.

I’m pretty excited, though. I feel much better about typing ‘THE END’ this time.


About Serenity Womble

I'm a writer of science fiction and fantasy short stories, as well as many, many unfinished novels. I review things of a generally speculative nature. This is my blog for writing and reviewing.
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