Thank you for everything, Diana, rest peacefully

Diana Wynne Jones

Rest well, Diana

Shocked and saddened to hear of the death of Diana Wynne Jones this morning. Her lighthearted, engaging, funny, moving, magical books are an incredible gift to the world. I can see 17 of them on my shelves from where I sit. They’ve been a comfort and a light in hard times. You could always rely on Diana to bring joy and to cheer you up. Just knowing there was someone so wonderful in the world who could create such magic, and the seemingly endless surprise of her continued work. Now there won’t be any more, and we are poorer for it, but she has left such wonderful gifts behind.

My heart goes out to her friends and family. She was a deeply wonderful woman.

Just some of my favourites:

Howl's Moving Castle, by Diana Wynne Jones Charmed Life Hexwood


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2 Responses to Thank you for everything, Diana, rest peacefully

  1. loummorgan says:

    It was Archer’s Goon for me: that slightly twisted, side-on look at the world. That was the first thing of hers that I read, and I still have that same copy of the book I bought almost 20 years ago. It’s been read and re-read and I still get so much from it, every time I pick it up again.

    It was only today that I realised Archer’s Goon may be why I fell for Sandman as hard as I did – quite apart from Gaiman’s writing–which is sublime, of course–there’s something so comfortably familiar about the Endless as a family. It echoes the siblings of AG so strongly, so warmly.

    It’s no exaggeration to say that DWJ shaped an entire generation of fantasists–and that she’ll shape more to come.

  2. I know what you mean about Sandman and Archer’s Goon. Archer’s Goon is another favourite of mine (frankly, I have so many!). I saw the TV show, I think, long before I had even heard of DWJ. My first read was Hexwood, which a friend insisted I would adore – and she was right! Hexwood, Fire and Hemlock, and Howl’s moving Castle are probably my three faves, but I also adore Chrestomanci as a character. I always wanted more from his point of view as an adult, but I guess we’ll never have that, now.

    I LOVE what she did with fantasy and reality in Fire and Hemlock – as tales of emerging sexuality go, it’s pretty spicy, yet doesn’t really contain anything literally sexual. I like the female protagonist, and I LOVE Tom. In fact, I almost always have a thing for the men in her books. Sometimes her books are stella, sometimes they’re brain candy, but I always know that even if it’s ‘only’ candy, it’s a flavour I like, it will be incredibly imaginative, it will be original, it will have a strong pace and be easy to read, and it will never contain anything that makes me angry. Those are things I value intensely. She’s my go to when I really just need to escape..

    Someone said she’s written over 50 books? It’s not enough. I’ve read somewhere around 20 (I can’t remember exactly, as I gave a few away to a fellow fan after I finished with them). I hate knowing that one day there will be no more of something I love. I can’t read the last chapter of The Salmon of Doubt for the same reason – even though I know it wasn’t very good, and Douglas was going to completely redo it as a Hitch Hiker’s novel. Only 30 books left to read? Each one will bring me closer to the time when there are No More. 😦

    We’ve lost so many incredible people this year. I don’t remember another year like it for that.

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