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Painting: Beauty 1.0

Beauty 1.0

(Apologies for the poor quality of the photos.) This is a painting I finished two or three years ago. It’s an abstract that was meant to be one of three, but umm… I’m working on the second one, OK? I actually made this for a friend, but would love to produce a copy for myself one day as it really reflected something personal in me, and I liked how it turned out. I should do, really – that little painting took a year of more time than I could hope to spend these days on art! Those perfectly flat colours did not mix themselves, and those straight lines were a right bastard.

Beauty 1.0 - from above, left

From above and left

Anyway, it’s called Beauty 1.0 contrasting the abstract, angular framing with the more traditional sky image in the centre. It almost, but not quite allows the viewer to think of the framing as a window – the angles don’t quite add up – it forces the eye to keep moving. Yet it’s also balanced and beautiful, even though it’s a study in browns. In some ways, the ‘frame’ is more interesting and beautiful than the central image. Or that’s the idea, anyway. It’s very much my conception of beauty, and an attempt to represent what I find so appealing in examples of mordern art that friends have rejected as a con because they did not represent beauty in its traditional aspect. I love modern art, and although my own work tends more towards surrealism or naturalistic depictions of fantasy, I wanted to produce something respresenting the many facets of beauty. Something that says: consider the form, consider the lines and angles and colours – stop looking for a story.

Beauty 1.0 - from above right

From above and right

It’s a box canvas, painted in acrylics, utilising all three dimensions in a way that makes it annoyingly difficult to photograph.

Beauty 1.0 from below

From below

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    • 😀 Thanks – fortunately I did take fairly comprehensive photos, so it’s fine, but I have no sense of when I’ll have to time to work on something like that again. Maybe in three years, when I’ve finished my thesis…

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