Those of you who have seen my Twitter profile might be a little curious by now – it describes me as ‘Writer, artist, earthworm’, and though writer and earthworm are farly self-explanatory, you might be thinking ‘But she never talks about her art, she never seems to do any art, why does she put that there?’

Well, if you were thinking that, you might have a point. I’m multi-interested, and although I love art, painting, drawing, mucking about in computer graphics programs, I rarely have time for it. The writing comes first, after my thesis and my day job. I do one or two paintings a year, these days. But I do still paint and draw, and I miss having the free time to do more of this kind of thing intensely. Anyway, on the off-chance you were intrigued to see some of my artistic work, here are a few bits and pieces:

Painting: Yes, it hurt when I fell

Yes, it hurt when I fell

You may recognse this one from such things as my banner (above) and my Twitter background. It’s one of my more recent pieces, and by ‘recent’, I mean ‘only three or so years ago’. I surprised myself by knocking it out in a day. I taught myself how to do wings for a GCSE piece that required a phoenix; it’s surprisingly easy, once you know what the structure is, and I shamelesly trot it out from time to time in a way that tends to look more impressive than it actually is.

Of course, this would be better if I’d bothered with a background – it’ll always be a little incomplete. With more time, I’d have done one, but hey, that’s life. In case you were wondering, the lower half is meant to look metalic, in the maner of Julie Bell and Boris Vallejo (I tried to find a good example of this on the web, but I can’t access their website from here, and my Google-fu failed me)*. It was my first attempt, and you can see that it didn’t really work. The metal wing, in particular, is a bit a hatchet job, but I still like the concept, which is very much inspired by the sensuality of Bell and Vallejo’s work, obviously drawing on the idea of sexuality leading to a fall from grace; although challenging it, also, by having the fallen elements appear more perfect.

Digital Art: The Voyeur

The Voyeur

So, this one’s a bit older, but on a similar theme. It’s a combination of a oil-painting I did (also in the banner above), scanned and digitally toyed with, as well as two of my own photos and one by Ros Dando (the ‘arch’, which was actually part of a gravestone) – used with her permission. Playing with the idea of the female gaze as opposed to the male gaze, as well as conceptions of beauty, sexality and voyeurism. This was used as a backcover for a Word Salad & Art Chips issue (a university magazine of art and literature my old creative writng group got a bit of funding to produce for a while).

Digital Art: The Innocent

The Innocent

I later produced a companion piece (left) for The Voyeur called The Innocent. I like the second piece, and I think it goes well with the first, but I’ll admit there wasn’t as much thought going into it. The photos here are both Ros Dando’s (same gravestone) with my manipulation and combination – I’m the model. I love the single branch that comes down protectively around the figure’s back, and the single undone button.

Anyway, that’ll do for now. Thesis comes first, and all that. I may put some more up later.

[Edit:] Here are some of those Bell and Vallejo paintings I was talking about:

About Serenity Womble

I'm a writer of science fiction and fantasy short stories, as well as many, many unfinished novels. I review things of a generally speculative nature. This is my blog for writing and reviewing.
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