Year End Review, Part 2: More Music, Awesome Opening Sequences, and Podcasts

So where was I? Oh yes: lots of music. After my initial splurge, I sort of had the But-They’re-Only-69p Bug, and I recalled some other tracks I had fallen in love with more recently. In particular, the phenomenal ‘Bad Things’, which, of course, I came to know through True Blood. WOW, that’s a good show. Or at least, the first season was – ground-breaking, sensual, violent, challenging. And that opening sequence deserves to go down as one of the all time best composed sequences in the halls of Media Artwork. That and the opening sequence of Dexter – as a vegetarian, I have never wanted to eat meat both more and less.

So I bought ‘Bad Things’ – an unutterably sexy song, not least because it wants to do bad things with me, not merely to me. Also, because I had been watching a phenomenal amount of Smallville, I’d been put in mind of the heart-wrenchingly beautiful ‘Superman’s Song‘, by Crash Test Dummies. I first heard that song whilst watching Due South, where it was achingly appropriate. Of course, the gut-wrenching thing about that song is that it laments: ‘sometimes I despair the world will never see/Another man like him’, when, in fact, we never have. (Unless, of course, you believe that Superman is a Dick ;-p) It was very well-placed in a show centred around a Canadian Mountie who really was too good, too polite and pleasant for real life.

So I downloaded that as well, along with the Johnny Cash version of ‘Hurt‘, because, you know, I’m so cheery. And when I wasn’t studying or working or watching Smallville, I was playing endless games of a Settlers of Catan-alike computer game with these songs (and those mentioned in the other post) on loop bemoaning the imperfect world we live in.

This is one part of the Audio Theme that was this year. The other part, of course, is podcasts. I hadn’t experienced them, before. Being a depressive type, I’m pretty much always listening to something whenever I go outside by myself so as to keep the Bad Thoughts at bay. But until this year it was all Radio 4 or radio dramas (ahem: Nebulous) or any sort of audio lecture I could get my hands on. But then something happened: I got an allotment.

Not seeing the connection? Well, For a few years I have been vainly trying to grow things in a series of poorly situated backyards. I have consequently discovered a surprising interest in Gardener’s Question Time. But then, this spring, I got my long-awaited allotment. I was thrilled and daunted… and also aware that I wanted to listen to Gardener’s Question Time whilst gardening, but the two didn’t always coincide, and I didn’t want to disturb neighbouring allotmenteers, nor lug my radio all the way out to said allotment. I discovered that I could download it as a podcast. AWESOMESAUCE. This also opened me to the world of the Friday Night Comedy Podcast, and other such things.

I also occasionally downloaded some Escape Pod, Pod Castle, and the like, but failed to become an addict. I like the odd story, but you can’t like them all, and I tend to prefer to download things that I know will last me for my journey. I feel like I should download more from them – hey, it’s free SF&F! – and yet I don’t.

It wasn’t until the autumn that my podcast addiction really started to flourish. I’ve been a Hub reader for ages (yeah, OK, the Hub crew are drinking/writing group buddies of mine, but they also put out good stuff), so I was psyched when they launched their first podcast – a novel by Mur Lafferty in 7 parts. Naturally, I downloaded and listened to it. I discovered that I liked the first part, and was pleased by the fact that I now had a new podcast I knew I could listen to of dependable quality. Plus, it opened me up to Mur’s I Should Be Writing, which has proved even more invaluable in providing me with podcast-fodder that is Relevant To My Interests.

It was also in the autumn that I went to Fantasy Con, met some cool people, and soon afterwards, started this blog, but perhaps that’s for another post…

About Serenity Womble

I'm a writer of science fiction and fantasy short stories, as well as many, many unfinished novels. I review things of a generally speculative nature. This is my blog for writing and reviewing.
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2 Responses to Year End Review, Part 2: More Music, Awesome Opening Sequences, and Podcasts

  1. Tink says:

    I also ran straight out (well, onto the internets) and downloaded Bad Things as soon as I realised I could do so. It is an Awesome Song.

    • It is a very awesome song. I’m really loving the power of just being able to buy the one song you love – it’s opened me up to music in a way I’ve felt barred to when I couldn’t afford albums 😀

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