Editing Achieved!

So, you may recall that a few weeks ago I submitted to Dark Fiction Magazine’s The Twelve Days of Christmas anthology, and if you’re following me on Twitter, you probably know that I didn’t make the cut. But they gave some positive feedback: they said the story was popular amongst the readers, but not quite ready for publication. I was really pleased to have had feedback at all, but a bit bummed because I wasn’t sure what I could do to make the story better – and I did want to make the story better, if it wasn’t quite up to par.

Of course, the answer is predictable: after taking a break from the story I sat down with it this morning and could see plenty that needed tweaking. Overall, the story was fine, but some of the phrases were clumsy, and it could use a little fleshing out in places – which was brilliant, as I no longer had a word limit any more. So, my story that started out at 1,098 words, and had gone down to 970 words has now gone back up to around 1,050 words – but the extra words are better words, and many of the others have been tightened besides. I’d given the story a couple of edits before, but you need a bit of distance if you’re going to edit properly, and I’d rushed the job to meet the deadline. Which is not an excuse – clearly other people did a better job in the same time frame – but it is an explanation, and I’m glad I had the feedback that made me take the space and go over it again.

So! ‘The Twelfth Day’ is now off to its new home, and will be coming out this Christmas after all – and to a paying market, no less 😀 So it’s not worked out too badly after all.

Details to follow, both here and on Twitter…

About Serenity Womble

I'm a writer of science fiction and fantasy short stories, as well as many, many unfinished novels. I review things of a generally speculative nature. This is my blog for writing and reviewing.
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2 Responses to Editing Achieved!

  1. loummorgan says:

    Well done, you! 🙂

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