Misfits, Series 2, Episode 5 – Undead Blogging

I’m catching up with this week’s Misfits. Misfits airs on a night that clashes with my Battlestar Galactica tabletop RPG aka – my most regular social contact with the outside world. As Misfits gets up on 4oD ready for the next day, Misfits loses, but not too much – I end up catching it anyway. I was working late last night, so here we are today. Just a breath in and I already feel like I have something to say, so I thought: what the hey – live blogging! Only it’s not really live, because it’s on catch-up, and I can pause, as I am doing now. So it’s more like undead blogging, or perhaps ‘alive again’ blogging, because I’m a Pushing Daisies geek. Whatever: to the ep!

*** to 06:27

Only a few minutes into this one, and I like it already. There’s been a lot of plot set-up in the last couple of episodes, and now we back to free and easy and playing with Nathan. He gets on form again right from the start. The image of him re-enacting his failed attempt to suck his own cock is a piece of comic genius. Someone just murdered you, and now you’re not just talking about that shit, you’re acting it out – that’s the Nathan we know and don’t quite know why we love! Nathan’s been playing second fiddle for a bit, but now he’s back on form as the spotlight returns, which is only right for an attention whore like him. Loved it.

Also loved the scene with Alisha waiting for/stalking Simon. Adds a nice bit of balance to the Future!Simon-stalking-Alisha scenes earlier in the series. And it was emotionally real. Misfits has always been in for the less shiny-happy world in contrast to what we’re used to from superhero shows. It makes it work by alleviating the stark reality with humour so vibrant that we’re pulled right back from what could be really depressing to laughing out loud. And that enables it to get away with moments like this. Alisha sitting on the ground in a council estate knowing that the man who will be her lover is going to be walking past soon, not knowing that she is grieving for his own death, and she’s not even sure how to connect with the man as he is now. All of that could be unbearably cheesy, but it’s not. It’s not because Alisha is shot starkly and simply from the ground – the sort of plain shot that can make any deserted corner look like it was part of some post-apocalypse-style empty world. She’s very alone, and it looks very real.

And then Echo and the Bunnymen starts up, and I’m in a whole Donny Darko place where things sound like love – doomed love, but young and excited and throw-yourself-into-it-love. Nice.

*** 07:24

The new probation worker is still made of seven kinds of win. I don’t know if I want there to be anything more to him than that or not!

*** 08:42

I LOVE that Nathan is still calling Simon ‘Barry’. 😀

*** 10:31

Aw – there’s clearly something fishy going on with everyone fancying people, but I gotta love the Kelly love. She needs to be told she’s beautiful more often. Especially by Nathan, like he did when she’d been warped into wearing dull clothes at the end of last series.

*** 13:36

OK, creepy fugitive guy is creepy, not sweet; but cute new girl may not be a murderer. OR MAYBE ALL MY INSTINCTS ARE WRONG.

*** 14:55

Oh well, the 4oD blurb spoiled it for me, and it looks like she is evil, and disappointingly so, as the ep goes on. Women getting cast as evil for (massively) over-reacting to legitimate complaints (being spied on when changing, being called a ‘prick tease’ for refusing sexual attention) illicitly de-legitimises perfectly reasonable negative reactions to such things :-/

*** 17:38

Aw, every time Nathan fakes dirty sex motions I can’t stay mad at them.

*** 19:03

Oh, Creepy Dude’s being sort of sweet again. I’m so confused!

*** 24:09

Music is thoroughly well chosen for this ep. The (Maybe)Creepy!Dude/Kelly sex scene is awesome!

*** 25:12

Nikki/Curtis: mwahaha – time travel for sex! I am a fan of this concept. And no, The Time Traveller’s Wife didn’t give me ideas for what Doctor Who could do – why do you ask?

I approve of this scene. And Nikki, for being full of character, just like the others, yet still different and herself. The writers are really ace at creating characters that are vibrant and real, and yet somehow we don’t see enough of in other shows.

*** 28:30

Has no one seriously found out that Nathan is living in the Community Centre yet? It was fun for a bit, and I don’t mind stretching credulity a little, but methinks it’s time for him to find somewhere else to live.

*** 32:55

Oh, there is nothing more glorious than them all in superhero costumes! And it looks like maybe Curtis wasn’t really a real superhero in the future anyway, because that’s the costume he was wearing when he travelled forward.

Also thought the Kelly/Creepy!Dude second sex scene was well-handled. Nice balance. I like taht she said no and he did stop.

Looks like it might be the Dad who’s the killer of the guys Cute!Girl fancies. I hope so. It’s a tired trope, but better than the prick-tease-turned-black-widow.

*** 37:30

The catching up to the future moment is handled very nicely. Love the music. Somehow matching the tone of the Echo and the Bunnymen song from earlier. There’s a whole tone of doomed love and sex that’s working very well for this episode. It all speaks to Alisha’s emotion in the beginning, but it’s coming together all around her for everyone but her.

*** 41:13

Yay! Alisha to the rescue! And after both her fellas have been screwing other women. Sucks to be her right now, but it also makes her rather awesome.

*** 41:48

Lol! and just like that, it’s all got very silly. An ape-man is climbing a building with Kelly on his back whilst being chased by the police. I feel like we just entered one of the sillier Incredible Hulk episodes – but in a good way!

*** 44:32

Hmm, sad moment rather spoiled by unconvincing rubber gorilla head, but nice idea!

*** Closing Shot:

AWESOME. Them outlined against the skyline in their superhero costumes (Nathan with his fake muscles!), and even a bit of colour in the sky for once. Nicely done. It all worked out alright in the end.

As for the undead blogging… well, I don’t know that I’d do it again, but it was fun whilst it lasted.

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2 Responses to Misfits, Series 2, Episode 5 – Undead Blogging

  1. Harry Markov says:

    “Why is a gorilla wearing a gorilla costume?” NOW that is called thinking outside the box. I knew how this scene would work out, because it was cliche as hell. YET, here I was surprised…

    • 😀 It was a nice twist. I love the idea that animals might have been affected, too. I wonder if it’s just ‘higher’ animals? The effect seems to have been centred around what you were thinking at the time, so presumably animals have to be capable of thought for it to work. Is this why a gorilla was affected? Yet we’ve seen in the first ep that Kelly’s dog is attributed some (somewhat implausible) thoughts – might there be other animals out there with superpowers?

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