Hint Fiction

Hoping for an Early Spring


Leave off chasing S. It always ends in tears – he has eyes only for A. Come early this year; I will linger late.


I wrote this for a hint fiction anthology – maximum 25 words, excluding title – it didn’t make the cut. I don’t know any other hint fiction markets. I’ve tried cutting it down for TwitterFic, but with the title it’s too many characters, and without the title it doesn’t make any sense – all attempts at re-jigging failed. So, I figure, it’s time to set it free, and hey, it’s sort of seasonal, so now’s a good a time as any!

About Serenity Womble

I'm a writer of science fiction and fantasy short stories, as well as many, many unfinished novels. I review things of a generally speculative nature. This is my blog for writing and reviewing.
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2 Responses to Hint Fiction

  1. loummorgan says:

    That’s fabulous. I’d not come across hint fiction before, but I like this a lot – very clever, and (I imagine) deceptively simple 🙂

    • Thank you! I have the impression that not everybody gets it, which is probably why it didn’t sell, but hey, I enjoyed making it. I made three others, two of which were pants, and the other probably didn’t have enough of a story. Certainly nothing on the Hemmingway six word story. I imagine a really good one takes either more time or natural talent for brevity than I have, but I like the idea.

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