OMG – Louis Carter has a Blog!

L. R. G. Carter is an amazing artist of amazingness. He’s also an amazing writer of amazingness, but this is a bog about his art.

I got to know Louis many moons ago via our university’s creative writing society. He wow’d us all with his tales of Armitage Shanks. Louis’s not only an amazing artist and writer, he’s a phenomenally engaging story-teller – a talent that worked out well in our read-out-then-critique system. It was some time later that I first saw his art, which is fun, witty, and incredibly good.

So, I’m really excited to see that he’s got a blog for his art, and you should be too, because now you get to see it. Go check him out, here: . I will definitely be adding it to me list of awesome blogs… which is sort of in need of updating anyway.

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